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Last updated: 23rd April  2009 (R.Tabor)

This website serves as an introduction to the South Cadbury Environs Project, an archaeological landscape survey around Cadbury Castle hillfort, Somerset.


Since 1992 the project has accumulated a huge amount of information about the landscape which until now has only appeared piecemeal as article in local and international journals and interim reports. This website can guide to the appropriate publications and also to the first overview of the project, due to appear in August 2008.


Since its inception the project has relied heavily on volunteer labour, in the process acquiring an excellent reputation as a training ground for under- and post-graduate students as well as keen amateurs. This site will provide up-to-date information about current opportunities.

Photograph of Cadbury Castle from Sigwells. Jim Eastaugh

Clare Randall, Director,

South Cadbury Environs Project

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Duncan Black:

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